What makes Uptime Monitoring so important?

You should never underestimate the value of uptime for your website/services regardless of which hosting plan you purchased (whether it is shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated servers, cloud hosting, etc.).
Whenever your website or server goes down, you will probably want to be informed as soon as possible so you can take action as soon as possible to minimize the downtime. You should contact your hosting company or investigate/fix the issue yourself, depending on how quickly the downtime is minimized.

For each of your uptime monitors, it is also a good idea to keep some kind of overall uptime statistics, so you can spot which of your websites or services have had the most problems recently, or you can see which hosting company you can thank for impeccable uptime.
It is generally a very good idea to monitor all your websites and services, and this will help you make informed decisions within the hosting industry.

Regardless of the size of your company, the uptime of your servers should be your primary concern. Regardless of what perspective you take, you should monitor your servers 24/7, as even the smallest downtime will impact a lot of your clients, and you definitely don't want to upset them.

There will be times when websites and services will go down - that's inevitable - but as a service provider, you should be alert to any downtime as soon as it occurs so that you can investigate the problem as soon as possible and resolve it as soon as possible to minimize your clients' downtime.

Having the problem identified at the onset will allow you to fix it before the rest of the world discovers the downtime, drastically reducing the impact that these downtimes have on your clients.

Furthermore, with our white labeling system you can provide uptime reports of your clients' services and websites. You would have your own customized and branded uptime reports that included a link to your website, your logo, your favicon, everything consistent with the brand of your hosting company.

With our platform, you can also create bulk reports (status pages) where your clients can easily see an overview of your uptime statistics as a hosting provider at a glance. This bulk report (status page) can as well be customized with your own branding, and it can even be embedded directly into your website, so your clients will not even have to leave your website to view your uptime statistics.

As a provider, you can only benefit from publicly sharing your uptime statistics. Having an amazing uptime will gain the trust of all of your clients, while if you have recently had some downtimes (which will be inevitable from time to time), then your clients will see that you are very transparent and do not wish to hide anything from them, since: indeed, downtime does happen sometimes, it's inevitable, statistics being displayed on your website.

The best part is that it's free to monitor the uptime of all of your websites and services, whether you're a hosting provider or client of one, and you can remain on the free uptime monitor package for as long as you like, if you don't need any of the paid features.

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