Release Notes

17/10/2021 Version 1.0.13
Final tests of the SMS gateway integration, Content check modifications, integration of the core classes for the transaction scenarios editor.

04/10/2021 Version 1.0.12
Added SSL Monitor, added new statistics report view with issues.

14/09/2021 Version 1.0.11
Added MySQL Monitor, FTP Monitor, fixes for the statistics workers.

20/08/2021 Version 1.0.10
Added filters to the monitor's listing, search, and pagination options. Modified user profile, added billing section, enabled purchase options

01/08/2021 Version 1.0.9
Pre-commit of the member place filters for the monitor listing, Cron Jobs Monitor core code integration

25/07/2021 Version 1.0.8
Modification of the DNS check workers, Whois check monitor, modification of the short report data and view

14/07/2021 Version 1.0.7
Replaced monitoring workers for the checks from US location, small member place interface fixes in monitor listing

10/07/2021 Version 1.0.6
Modified checks: TCP, UDP, Mail Server check

29/06/2021 Version 1.0.5
Fixed Slack doubled messages, Telegram groups alerts fixes, added new type of the events for the email messages

25/06/2021 Version 1.0.4
Optimization of the public status page cache, modification of the core synchronization protocol

12/06/2021 Version 1.0.3
Modification of the internal connection protocol for the server monitors

08/06/2021 Version 1.0.2
Fix public status page daily data compression, fixed apdex for the performance and uptime check

01/06/2021 Version 1.0.1
Fixes of the FTP monitor, SMTP monitor

Upzilla application initial release 20/05/2021 Version 1.0.0 (beta version)

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