Proactive Mail Server Monitoring for Reliable Email Delivery

Ensure seamless email communication with Upzillas advanced mail server monitoring. Get 24/7 uptime checks, instant outage alerts, and detailed reports to keep your emails flowing smoothly

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Real-time Monitoring

Continuously monitors mail server performance, including mail delivery, latency, and uptime, providing instant visibility into system health

Proactive Alerts

Automatically notifies administrators of potential issues or deviations from predefined performance thresholds, enabling timely intervention to prevent downtime

Performance Metrics

Tracks key performance metrics such as message queue length, SMTP response time, and DNS resolution time to identify bottlenecks and optimize server performance

The Significance of Monitoring Mail Servers

In the contemporary digital landscape, email communication stands as a pivotal element for businesses worldwide. Whether it’s client correspondence, team collaborations, or disseminating crucial updates, emails serve as the lifeblood of organizational operations. However, when a mail server experiences downtime, it can disrupt these vital communication channels. This is where the importance of mail server monitoring becomes evident.

Understanding Mail Server Monitoring

Mail server monitoring entails the continuous observation of a server's performance and availability. This process involves tracking various metrics such as server response time, email delivery rates, and uptime to ensure optimal functioning of the email infrastructure.

Server Uptime

This metric measures the duration for which a mail server remains operational. Monitoring server uptime enables the detection of downtime instances, ensuring consistent availability of email services.

Server Response Time

The speed at which a mail server responds to requests is crucial for maintaining a seamless user experience. Monitoring response time helps identify performance bottlenecks affecting email delivery.

Email Delivery Rates

Monitoring delivery rates ensures successful email delivery to recipients' inboxes. A decline in delivery rates may signify issues such as spam filtering or server blacklisting.

Optimized Performance

Identifying and resolving performance issues optimizes email delivery efficiency, enhancing overall system performance. By monitoring key metrics organizations can ensure uninterrupted and efficient communication.

Key Features *

Smart Ping

smart and at the same time simple in configuration ping function

Public Reports

fast and informative reports generated by the app show all issues in details

API, Webooks

our API gives you more tools and possibilities for integration and interaction


SMS, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack, Emails. Select some of the most effective and fast notification ways for yourself


with fast checks setup uptime monitoring process in a really short period time


interface for the user makes usage as simple as possible with a wide range of options

Share Reports

our app provides tools for easy and scalable integrations with the webhooks in our system

Multiple Protocols

with our monitoring service, you can use multiple protocols for uptime checks

24/7 Monitoring

our system watches over your website 24/7, 365 days a year with no breaks


Support of checks from 50 different locations across 5 continents of the world


all monitoring results and analytics which help you manage your websites

AI module

new and innovative module for effective monitoring
* some key features are currently on a testing stage and are going to be available in the close future

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