Who we are ?

Upzilla It's a small team (10+ employees ) of IT experts with a huge passion for technologies. Our focus on our users has helped us to become a provider of effective, powerful, and simple worldwide solutions.

Why Upzilla ?

Our main goal it's the development of lightweight, simple, flexible and at the same time cost-effective solutions. We used more than 20 years of experience of our team members to create a platform that provides something new to the world of monitoring and such type of solutions in general.
We're working hard to build an absolutely new solution that provides a full range of monitoring tools to different types of users. Everyone gonna finds something useful for himself. Upzilla monitors websites, servers, content, cloud solutions, applications, and services.

Our Plans

We're working on new checks, report views, free tools which fill the basic functionality set of our service. Also, we're working on AI smart assistant which gonna be a really powerful artificial intelligence solution that helps users to act faster and correct all issues even for not professional users. In close future, we'll open registration to the Upzilla developers platform where every developer could create their own check based on Upzilla API.

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